Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend continued...

Ok, so I had to split it up a bit.

Escaping dog... Cammi got out Friday night. I couldn't figure out how she did it! Well, I found out on Saturday afternoon, when I heard a particularly pathetic squeal outside. Oh yeah. She was stuck. Apparently she squeezed through a space under the gate that I'd never have imagined she could fit through. Perhaps she had too much kibble for breakfast, because she was well and truly stuck. Hee hee! Mystery solved, disaster averted. LJ would be very upset if she disappeared, so I blocked up the hole under the gate. Cammi is quite disgusted with me.

It was too stinkin cold to work outside on Saturday, so I spent the afternoon in the shop with the heater, working on fun unnecessary projects. Built a birdhouse and a feeder out of scrap wood, and sanded for a while on the old oak plant stand. Very relaxing, and I finished off the night on the couch with the cuddle pup and a few episodes of Spartacus.

Sunday was more fun unnecessary projects. I painted two wicker yard chairs (bright red), a little wood table to go with them (blue), the bird feeder (also blue), and the birdhouse (green). I managed to get overspray on my glasses, phone, AND iPod. I am sooooo on top of things. Finished the oak plant stand. Finally gave up on trying to get all the old paint out of every crack and crevice. It got a coat of stain, and actually looks pretty good, considering that it had about 5 coats of paint on it when I bought it for $5 at a yard sale. Gave me an excuse to buy and repot another fern. Our house is becoming a jungle.

Other stuff... The chicks are growing rapidly, and their little wing feathers are coming in. They are awfully cute, and Henry is still sure they'd be tasty too. I started my peppers this weekend. Perhaps a little soon, but ah well. Felt the need to plant something, and everything outside is too frozen to mess with.

Another great weekend, if not as productive as most. I had fun!

(side note: I am going to try and get some pics on here soon. Blogging from my phone is very limiting, but satellite Internet is expensive!)


Paula said...

Maybe your house is becoming a jungle, but you can at least count on great indoor air quality!

Rae said...

I think I'm now up to 19 houseplants, if I don't count the bulbs. I need (want) a few more, and I think KT is going to donate a couple of her monster african violets (seriously... they're gigantic). The areca palm is the only one that I'm having trouble keeping happy. KT told me she considers them to be disposable decoration, and can't keep them alive either. That's saying something, because she's a wiz with plants. Ah well.