Friday, February 25, 2011

Chilly, but gorgeous!

Traffic yesterday was a breeze! It appears that most people stayed home yesterday rather than brave a couple inches of snow. Works for me! We had about 4" at the house, and Henry had a lot of fun racing around the yard and eating snowballs. Woke up this morning to a clear sky and an outside temp of around 16 degrees. Awfully chilly today, but sunny and gorgeous out. Loving it! Always prefer a cold clear day to a warmer rainy one.

Should be a fun weekend. Heading to One Green World tomorrow and will likely spend more money than I plan to part with. Ah well. All going to a good cause. That cause being the new place. Need more plants! Ok, WANT more plants, but it's all the same to me. Happy Friday everyone!


Paula said...

Yay for Friday! It's so pretty out that I'm going to try to get Steve to take a pic of Hood, which is directly due east of us. It's quite thrilling on a clear day to make the right off of 43 into our neighborhood and have it just sitting there in its snow-covered majestic glory. Always takes my breath away.

Glad you got home ok- see you at 9:30 tomorrow morning!

Rae said...

Lucky you on the view! The mountain is out of sight for me.

Looks like I'll have the truck tomorrow, so two straw bales shouldn't be a problem. I'm waiting to hear back from KT. Turns out she may have to work. Might just be the two of us. We'll see if I can talk KT into skipping out on work for the morning. :) See ya tomorrow!