Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rooster update

So, on Tuesday night, Dunderhead still wasn't really walking. When I came home, he was 20' or so outside the coop, but was sitting and wouldn't/couldn't get up. I picked him up, made sure he ate and drank, and put him back in the coop with the ladies. Yesterday, he would walk a few steps and then lie down. Eating and drinking, though. According to LJ, Dunder attempted to mount one of the buffs, and she promptly flipped him over and dumped him on his head. At least his spirits seemed good. :)

Today, though a little wobbly, he is walking around and patrolling his yard as usual.

I don't get it. It happened the same way a few months ago. He's always been big and a bit wobbly. Could it be neurological? Perhaps something funky with his spine? Anyhow, he seems to be on the mend, which is awesome, because while he can be a serious butthead at times, I really like that bird!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Injured rooster... Again

Some of you may remember the problems I had with Dunderhead a few months ago. He started limping, and it progressed to where he couldn't even walk. We brought him in the house for a week or so, confining him to one of the brooders. Eventually his limp went away, and he was returned to the yard with his girls.

Yesterday evening I went out to close up the coop and saw him nestled down on the other side of the run. I went over to shoo him towards the coop, but when he tried to run off, he fell over. Couldn't walk. I caught him, and we checked his feet and legs. Couldn't find any injuries. Bones seem whole and unbroken. When I put a finger across the pad of his foot, he grips it with his toes. But he can't walk. Unable to find the problem, I made sure he drank and ate, and nestled him down in the straw in a corner of the coop. I'll see how he's doing this afternoon when I get home.

Cross your fingers for me. Dunderhead can be a pain, and will occasionally come after me if I'm trying to catch one of his girls, but I still really like this bird. He's an awfully pretty boy and takes good care of his ladies. I don't want to have to put him down. LJ sent me an email this morning and said that Dunder was crowing his head off this morning. LJ didn't get a look at him, as it was still dark when he left. Hopefully his exhuberant singing is a good sign.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ah, the joys of traveling

Between hunting season, animals, chores, work, etc, I have had no time to write anything, and limited time to comment on people's posts. Thought I'd get a break this week, and get some stuff done, but the boss man booked me a flight to the bay area. I had the dreaded young child sitting behind me on the plane, kicking away. Stinky dude sitting next to me. Shuttle to my hotel was delayed. Not one of my better trips, but not the worst. Very short flight at least, from the pacific nw to the bay area.

Beautiful weather right now in Oakland, but it's Oakland. No offense, but the bay area is one of my very LEAST favorite parts of CA. It's tolerable and occasionally pleasant, but only if someone else is driving. :) I only left today, and already I miss my guy, our pets, and the quiet countryside.

I'm here all week, with lots of time on my hands in the evenings, but no computer. Can't really post much, but I'm gonna try and at least get caught up on my blog reading. So don't be surprised if comments start popping up from me on posts that are months old. I'm that far behind.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To shoot or not to shoot

So. There's a monster buck roaming our property. I've been seeing his tracks for a year, but never see him. He nearly destroyed my bean pole teepee this spring, rubbing his antlers. His tracks show up in the garden, down the trail, and over in the center of the woods. So, rifle in hand yesterday, I was walking the trails and checking on a couple of our trail cam spots. I'd seen a little spike when I got home, and was hopeful that the deer were finally venturing out in the rain. Coming off a trail into a cleared area, I startled the monster buck. He had been picking his way down a trail to my right that dumped out in the same spot. He took two big bounds and stopped behind an alder and some brush a short way away. I brought up the rifle to sight on him, only to realize that, despite being careful, my scope lens had gotten wet. One big blur. Slowly, I wiped the lens and sighted again. I couldn't get a clear shot on any part of him but his butt, and even that was iffy. So, take a guess through the brush? Maybe hit the tree? Maybe just wing him and have him run off and die somewhere? I didn't take the maybe shot. I took a slow step to the right, to a better line of fire, brought up the rifle, and he took a huge leap and was gone. :( My big buck... Sob. LJ tells me I did the right thing, as bad as I wanted that buck, trying to make sure I had a clear and clean shot. I know I was right to not risk a bad shot, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I hope to see him again this season, but won't get my hopes up too high. Maybe next year...