Monday, June 18, 2012

Coyote casing the chicken yard

Saw a coyote about 10 feet from the chicken yard this morning before work. Guineas, rooster, and the crows that live in the nearby trees were flipping out and the hens were running for the coop. By the time I grabbed my rifle and loaded it, coyote was gone. Looks like we'll be putting up game cams and watching closely in the mornings. Hopefully we'll get him before he gets any of our birds (or Gus, who isn't a huge dog). That coyote was HUGE. Biggest coyote I've ever seen.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Henry!

My sweet boy turned 5 yesterday! I think we'll take him with us to the drive up coffee booth. He sure does love rooroorooing at the gals for cookies. :) Spoiled rotten!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Chinese goose... Last new farm baby

So, of the three goose eggs in the incubator, only one made it. It's been alone this past week. I tried to foster it off on the geese, but it didn't work. The adult geese were interested and happy to include the baby into the family, but the juveniles attacked the baby mercilessly, and it came running to me each time they did, screaming to be picked up. *sigh* So, I went by Wilco to see if they had any waterfowl left. They're done ordering for this season, so I didn't have super high hopes. They had two. A huge male pekin duckling, and a male white chinese gosling. Of course, remembering how very very messy ducks are, I forked over a whopping 16 bucks for the goose. He's awfully sweet, loves to be held, and doesn't pick on mini-goose. I've decided to name him Jeffrey, because he reminds me of the gosling in Charlotte's Web (haven't heard him oink yet, though). I think we'll keep him, and he can live with Jiminy and the ducks. We may have a taker for mini-goose... One of LJ's coworkers. Fingers crossed!

Gonna be MIA for a bit. Work is crazy right now, and planning the wedding (only a month away!) is stressing me out something awful. Anyhoo, when I get back I'll have critter updates and hopefully a post on butchering the Cornish X icky chickies (what we did last weekend).

Have a nice June, everyone!