Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rooster update

So, on Tuesday night, Dunderhead still wasn't really walking. When I came home, he was 20' or so outside the coop, but was sitting and wouldn't/couldn't get up. I picked him up, made sure he ate and drank, and put him back in the coop with the ladies. Yesterday, he would walk a few steps and then lie down. Eating and drinking, though. According to LJ, Dunder attempted to mount one of the buffs, and she promptly flipped him over and dumped him on his head. At least his spirits seemed good. :)

Today, though a little wobbly, he is walking around and patrolling his yard as usual.

I don't get it. It happened the same way a few months ago. He's always been big and a bit wobbly. Could it be neurological? Perhaps something funky with his spine? Anyhow, he seems to be on the mend, which is awesome, because while he can be a serious butthead at times, I really like that bird!


LindaG said...

From what I've read on the many blogs I read, it could be any of what you mentioned; or something else.
Sorry I am of no help.
Maybe if you went to the backyard chickens forums, someone there might be able to help you?
Glad to hear he seems to be a little better though. Hope it continues! said...

Since he's got that "extra" spunk still in him...maybe there's great hope for him afterall!

Paula said...

I'm just glad he's better. And hope he stays that way.

Robin said...

I love his name and want to use it for one of our roosters. :)