Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ah, the joys of traveling

Between hunting season, animals, chores, work, etc, I have had no time to write anything, and limited time to comment on people's posts. Thought I'd get a break this week, and get some stuff done, but the boss man booked me a flight to the bay area. I had the dreaded young child sitting behind me on the plane, kicking away. Stinky dude sitting next to me. Shuttle to my hotel was delayed. Not one of my better trips, but not the worst. Very short flight at least, from the pacific nw to the bay area.

Beautiful weather right now in Oakland, but it's Oakland. No offense, but the bay area is one of my very LEAST favorite parts of CA. It's tolerable and occasionally pleasant, but only if someone else is driving. :) I only left today, and already I miss my guy, our pets, and the quiet countryside.

I'm here all week, with lots of time on my hands in the evenings, but no computer. Can't really post much, but I'm gonna try and at least get caught up on my blog reading. So don't be surprised if comments start popping up from me on posts that are months old. I'm that far behind.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


LindaG said...

I hope your trip is pleasant and kind to you. :) said...

Oh, I FEEL for you!!! My mom and dad were traveling through the United States on a long vacation tour and they had the worst experience in California. Of course, it can happen anywhere, but my mom wasn't impressed...even though we have tons of family in Orange County California.

I know you miss home...hang in there and have safe travels. Hey, and write about what you are seeing there compared to home. I think that would be hysterical, especially with your sense of humor and perspective.


Paula said...

I know how you feel; I only hit that part of the country when I go home for Christmas. Otherwise, I do not miss the Bay Area one bit.

I hope you get to do something fun while you're there.

Rae said...

Nothing fun yet, Paula. And Linda, weather's been good and work productive. About as much as I could ask for. :)

Lana, I don't know that I'm very funny, but I'm considering posting some travel tips. :)

Rain said...

Cant go wrong with travel tips!! You'll be home soon and may never get you off the farm!!~~Rain