Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fewer pets!!!

Basil the boa is going to a new home! Woohoo! I got an email response from a reptile rescue that I had emailed about him. They're gonna take him this weekend!* I've had him so long (11 years) that I'm a little sad to see him go, but he just doesn't get enough attention anymore. Additionally, we're really trying to not have animals unless they serve a purpose. So, Basil goes to a group that will either use him in reptile programs (like they do for schools) or they will find him a suitable home. Win win! Woohoo!

*Got an email back that it will need to be sometime next week, not this weekend. Ah well, still happening! :)


Paula said...

Oh yay! I'm glad you found a good place for him.

And thank you for using the proper 'fewer' instead of the more common, but incorrect 'less' in this situation, which drives me nuts!

Fewer pets, fewer worries, less aggravation!

Congratulations on finding your boy a good home.

Rae said...

Lol. Thanks Paula. I try. :) Personally, I despise the word "funner". Other peeves include it's vs its, and the usage of good vs well. :) Wanna hear something funny? When I was a kid, my dad washed my mouth out with soap for saying ain't. Ha!

Paula said...

You remind me of the time that my brother-in-law was helping my mother prune the eucalyptus in the backyard, and he muttered that he was so nervous (he was about to ask Mom for my sister's hand) and he blurted out, "Me and Ruthie want to get married!" and my mom, still looking up at the trees to see what she was going to cut next, said, "Ruthie and I", correcting his grammar. That's a favorite story in the family.

I used to get backhanded for dropping Gs off my gerunds.

So you understand having proper grammar beaten into you, too, in a manner of speaking.

Rae said...

That's hilarious! Great family story! My grammar isn't always perfect, and my highschool English teacher told me I overuse commas, but I do try. :) Thanks for the story. Gave me a good chuckle this morning.