Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold weekend, new friend!

Whew! What a weekend! It was COLD, at least for where we live. 9 deg on Saturday morning. Of course, right when I had slathered my hair with conditioner, the water ran out. Very very cold pumphouse. LJ got a heater going out there, while I rinsed my hair in the sink with water warmed on the stove. Fun!

I managed to get out of the house on time with Henry in tow, heading into town to meet up with Paula, who also blogs (though her posts are educational and interesting, as opposed to my random ramblings). :) We had figured out that we lived rather close, and decided to head out to One Green World in Molalla OR to get Paula some strawberries and get me whatever struck my fancy. I was a bit nervous, as I don't generally get along with women... I think my avoidance of makeup, high eewww tolerance when dealing with critters/blood/etc, liking power tools, and willingness to get dirty all offend most women. Don't know why, but that's been my experience. Well, no worries. Paula rocks! Had a great time (and Henry made a new friend)!

We took the truck out to OGW, and I spent more than I planned, which I expected to do, so maybe I did plan for it. I came home with 4 bareroot trees (pear, 2 asian pears, and a plum... don't remember the varieties), a hop for LJ, and a Meyer lemon for me (yay!). Henry had a fabulous time hollering out the window to other dogs while we waited for the dude to pull my order and bring it out front. Paula kindly tolerated my embarrassing dog and did not request earplugs. Other dogs get Henry all sorts of excited, and he yelps, barks, whines, trills, and yodels. You know those 6 legged dog/hyena things on Avatar? Yeah. He makes that sound too. Sigh. This embarrassing dog is practice for future embarrassing children.

We rounded out the trip with a stop to pick up straw bales for Paula. What good is a truck if you don't use it, eh? We got them to her house and loaded into the garage. Big bales! 4 of them filled the longbed. Nuts! Had a nice visit, and it was time to get the furry yodeler home. Was a great way to spend a Saturday, and I'm stoked to have made a new friend up here! (Henry was too!)

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Paula said...

Glad you're stoked, 'cause I am too. If I remember correctly, you got an Italian plum too, although I can't remember the pear varieties either.

Henry wasn't bothering me; he was just being a dog. Although I think you're probably right about getting used to being embarrassed by beings over which you have relatively little control...