Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday miracle!

No, seriously. I have the day off work, it's a Monday, and it's sunny. That all adds up to a Monday miracle. LJ has the day off too (even better), and I'm putting him to work. We've got a Wilco 40% off coupon and we're going to get another fence charger. Hoping to also get the stove moved from the old house. I miss my glass top stove! May also make a trip out to a friend's parent's place to get more random farm stuff. Their parents moved cross country, and they've been cleaning the place up. We've scored gates, fencing, firewood, and lots of other goodies. Should be fun!

LJ ordered a dozen Buff Orpington chicks this weekend, and we pick them up on Wednesday. Thus, we've also got to get started on a coop. Lots of fun!

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Paula said...

Cool! Chicks! I'm not sure if I'll do Buff Orpingtons, but I think they have the cutest chicken butts in the biz!

Hope you had a great day.