Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting there!

What a weekend! Sure feeling it today. Got lots and lots done. Saturday was pretty nice out, so I did some outside work. Spent a couple hours moving a huge brush pile off the back lawn and raking up all the sticks and bits scattered everywhere. It's almost time to start mowing again after all. I even got one of the two garden sites cleared, and filled in some low spots with mole mound dirt. :) Also found time to finish gluing and clamping an old oak umbrella stand turned plant stand that I've been refinishing. A final sand and stain, and I have an excuse for another plant. I'm thinking I need another fern.

Sunday was another reasonably nice day, and I spent it clearing brush. Heck of a workout. Lots of raking up sticks and berry canes, hitting the ground with the clearing saw, raking again, repeat as often as needed. Managed to take an area that used to be an impenetrable wall of saplings and thorns down to bare dirt. Even leveled out some of it. Oh, how I dream of a tractor with a brush attachment, AND a box blade. Split a good bit of wood at the end of both days to round out the workout, and I'm pretty sure I lost about 5 lbs doing so.

LJ and I both had the day off on Monday. We scavenged 2 plastic drums with lids, and a bunch of PVC pipe from our friend's parent's place. Wilco had some good sales going, and we had some coupons on top of that. So, we got a charger, t-post insulators and hotwire for our hog fence, and a new pair of suspenders for me. Suspenders are sooooo much better than a belt. A buddy loaned us his auger, and we set the first post for our driveway gate. Woohoo! We finished off our afternoon pounding in t-posts for the pig fence. Even got part of the field fencing up.

All in all, a very productive weekend. I can rest easy at work this week, knowing that we're a few steps closer to taming our wild property. Chicks arrive tomorrow, and another bit of the adventure begins. Oh, and get this. Apparently we are getting 6 pigs, not 2. LJ asked all his coworkers whether they wanted to get a pig. Idea is that they pay for most of the feed, thus offsetting our costs. I'm not that worried about the costs. I'm worried about the time and energy we'll need to put in to take care of 6 pigs, let alone that we'll be responsible for several other people's investments. Deep breaths... I will not have a panic attack. Won't won't won't... ok, maybe a little one.


Paula said...

Wow! Six! have you guys figured out who's gonna slaughter said pigs? Just curious.

Speaking of curious, are we still on for One Green World this coming Saturday? They open at 10 on Fridays and Saturdays, and I'd want to get there as early as possible in order to get home to take advantage of the sunshine we're supposed to get. I'll also need to stop by Wilco on the way home for a bale of straw.

Rae said...

Apparently, one of LJ's coworkers does business with a mobile butcher just down the road from us. Doesn't seem like it will be a problem. Also means we won't have to haul them to the butcher. He'll dispatch them on site and take them away. If it works out that way, will be a pretty sweet deal.

Definitely down for OGW this Saturday. Want to meet KT and I at the OC Point Starbucks beforehand? We do like our overly sugared coffee. Email me with the time you're figuring on, and we'll plan it out. If you want to grab the straw beforehand, Wilco is just down the street.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California.

I added myself to follow your blog.
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God Bless You, ~Ron

Robin J. said...

Wow six pigs! I was nervous getting our first two. I loved having our pigs and can't wait to get some more again. I'm excited for you. :)

Rae said...

I hear ya, Robin! I just about had heart failure when I heard him say six. I think I've got him talked down to 3-4 instead. Talked down, bullied down... all the same, right? :)