Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shiny new appliances

Very very happy girl! Our top of the line LG washer and dryer were delivered on Tuesday! Shiny and new and not leaking oil all over the floor like our old washer, or threatening to burn the house down like our poor old dryer. The washer doesn't have the agitator post in the center, which is weird, but it works REALLY well. They are also HUGE! I threw a king size nasty dog kennel blanket in, and it looked so small down in the bottom of the monstrously huge washer. The high speed spin cycle spun it nearly completely dry (can't wait to test out the extra high speed function!). Both the washer and dryer even tell you how long the cycle will take. I never thought doing laundry could be so much fun!

Other fun stuff... LJ got chicken stuff and a book on chicken coop designs for Valentine's Day and his birthday. Really romantic, I know. He also got a Home Depot bucket full of manly goodies. He's determined to get a mess of chicks in the next couple weeks. They are going to be HIS chickens, and that's me talking. I'm not amped about chickens, at least not right now. My idea of chickens is a bunch of eating chickens that we only have to take care of for a couple months before they go in our freezer. LJ, on the other hand, wants layers. Sigh. I envisioned an army of ducks to eat the slug hordes, but chickens it is. I'm sure there will be a post in the future where I rave about how awesome the chickens are... For now, though, ugh. Chickens. :)


Paula said...

Oh yay! you got rid of the killer dryer! Your LGs sound zoomier than my GE front loaders. I really, really like my LG fridge, and would think about LG for washer/dryer replacements if I needed them. (and I own GE stock!)

You're going to get layers before I do, I bet. Chickens are good for bugs, but they'll eat your garden too. I say get the ducks too- get a pair so you can also have ducks for eating. Ducks will leave your garden alone and are supposed to be VORACIOUS slug eaters. Their eggs make awesome pasta (speaking from experience) and they are supposed to be great for baking. The downside of ducks? Their poo piles are squishy and smelly and not easy to clean up like chickens'.

Have LJ read that Fresh Air Poultry House book.

Rae said...

Yeah, I'm working to get ducks as well. We've got some serious slugs out there, and I think ducks would be very very happy. Slugs were thick in the front lawn when we got the place in September, and huge. I learned that I could boot a slug about 60' into the brush. Lol. Outdistanced LJ even. :)

LJ has read just about every chicken book the library has to offer. I'll see if he's checked that one out. Can never have too much information!

Jess said...

Of course I have to side with your hubby on this one. I LOVE MY CHICKIES! (Except for the when they sneak into my garden)

All you need to know about chickens revolves around this one basic concept: Chickens are thieves.

Good luck! :)

Heidianne said...

Yaa! There is nothing crappier than not being able to wash blankets, dog beds, dirty mudroom rugs etc..We have an old but large capacity machine,even though it sucks water and $. I got sick of the old wimpy washer freaking out, making the "Whacka Whacka Whacka " sound and trying to bounce around the laundry room, because I put more than four towels in it.
Go ducks! They really do work on the slugs, or so I have heard.