Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet sweet Friday

I love Fridays. I have so much work to do this weekend, and it was in the back of my mind all day. The list ran over and over in my head... Install towel bars tonight, paint bathroom trim, recaulk around both tubs... Old house- KT and I will tackle the garage and the upstairs of the house, set up for the sale we hope to have next weekend, price stuff at what I hope are reasonable prices, move the metal roofing, finish the yard borders... And I LIKE my list. I'm looking forward to the physical work, so different from my job. I love my job, and my new boss is actively trying to add value to my job so I can make more money, make a career. But my job is a sit at my desk and spend most of the day on the computer and phone type of job. I love my weekend work more. My get dirty, get tired, get sore but hopefully not hurt work. Weekend, here I come!


Paula said...

Enjoy your weekend. And your job! at least you have one!

Rae said...

I'm very grateful for my job. Several of my friends are without work right now, and I send them leads from my vendors whenever I hear of any. My company let go about 1/3 of its employees over two years, and then sold to another company. I survived both, and I am incredibly thankful that I did.

On a happier note, KT is pretty excited about the OGW trip in a couple weeks. Looking forward to it!