Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More snow and the escaping dog

Came home to about 4" of snow last night. I guess there was a freak weather event, and a couple towns in our area got dusted. It was raining on top of it, so it was a lovely slushy mess. I was heading down our long driveway, when I saw something running ahead of me. A coyote? I hit it with my brights, only to find that it was Cammi, LJ's dog. Same dog that got stuck under the gate. I thought I had blocked the gap, but apparently didn't do a good enough job! The snow was a map of her wandering. I could see everywhere that dog had been, and where she had gotten out. She must have escaped hours before, because the driveway, yard, and trails were covered in Cammi prints. She was dripping wet. No tracks into the woodshed where she could have gotten out of the rain, just round and round and round the yard. Grumbling about stupid dogs, I went out in the sleet/snow/rain with our trusty Ryobi drill and secured some 2x4 scraps to the gate post, closing the gap even more. I've been saying for years that Cammi is more cat than dog. She listens when she feels like it, can climb trees, and can squeeze through impossibly small gaps. Cat, not dog.

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Paula said...

Well, she better be glad that Ted Nugent isn't your neighbor, because he shoots feral cats, with a crossbow, I believe. But that was when he lived in Michigan. Now that he lives in Texas, he plays with much bigger ordnance.

Hope your fix works this time!