Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's in my pockets?

Always intereting to clean out the pockets of my weekend coat or vest and see what has accumulated...

10 2.5" exterior screws
2 3" galvanized nails
3 zip ties
2.25 dog cookies plus crumbs
Chicken wire scraps
Bits and pieces of metal clips
Nylon strap
Dirt and lint, of course

Yesterday was a pretty busy day!


Heidianne said...

I love it! I want have a go=
1 silver pencil nub, slightly burned
1 piece of chalk too small to use for marking steel
several 3/8 hex head bolts
a sheetrock screw, w/stripped head
bread tie
two beer bottle caps
cat hair wad
Burt's Bee's lip balm
Doug fir bark
We just finished stacking a cord of Doug fir, so Iam also covered in slivers and mud..
It is always amazing what accumulates in the pockets of work coats/vests..
Have a great week!

Rae said...

Hehe... Love the cat hair wad. Lol. With today's work, I seem to have added fence insulators, a couple spent shotgun shells, and a drill bit. All in a day's work, eh! :)

Paula said...

Both of you live far more interesting lives than I do. I have to wash my work jacket so regularly that It doesn't really accumulate things. Ever since I washed my Motorola Razr phone and torqued the shit out of it, I've been really careful to unload before washing.

kpannabecker said...

Oh so familiar. I recently won a prize for the most unusual things I carried in my purse.