Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stylish? Hm. Alrighty.

Don't really believe I am, but a very nice gesture!  I was given a Stylish Blogger award by Phelan over at A Homesteading Neophyte.  I guess the rules for this one are that I list 7 things you may not know about me, and bestow this award upon 15 worthy blogs.  Something kinda fun to do on a Saturday morning.


1. I am teaching myself to play the guitar, and relearning the clarinet.  In the distant past, I played the clarinet well, the piano badly, and was proficient at bass clarinet, oboe, and flute.

2. I was born in Canada.  My parents were both born in California, but were living in Canada when I was born.  Makes for some interesting paperwork when trying to get a passport these days.

3. I can recite The Shooting of Dan McGrew from memory.

4. I played fastpitch softball for about 12 years, both in school and on traveling teams. 

5. Before my grandfather was married, he went on a double date with Howard Hughes and a couple gals.  That's just cool.

6. I had a pony named Snowy that bit me on the butt.  Hard.  I actually had scars for a while.  lol.

7. I love love love to read, and have waaaay too many books... My two sets of shelves add up to around 100' of books. More to come.  It's a sickness.

So, now for some blogs I enjoy for one reason or another.  I've not done links in a post before, so hopefully I won't screw this up...

1. Weeding for Godot
2. Crap on my shoes, egg in my pocket (and yarn on the needles)
3. ilovemydogandmymusic
4. Sprout The Right Brained Bean
5. Little Farm. Growing.
6. Going Country
7. Mucky Boots Farm
8. Musings From Fairlight Farm
9. My Farm on the Hill
10. Ohiofarmgirl's Adventures In The Good Land
11. Farm Folly

Annnnnd... I'm done.  I tried to pick blogs that post fairly regularly.  Not 15, and there are others I'd like to mention, but my laptop is a pain and if it magically and hatefully hits the back button again while I'm trying to post these links, I'm going to chuck it across the room...

Happy Saturday!  Yay weekend!


Alex said...

Hooray! Another great writer to add to my Google feed. I look forward to reading!

Rae said...

Thanks Alex!

Robin said...

Just catching up on my blog reader and saw this post. I never had a horse bite me on the butt but I had my dad's horse try to bite my breast off. I was not amused. lol. Thanks for the award back to us but Lee and I are such completely boring people. heheh