Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I might like chickens

The chickies are finally developing personalities, and I'm actually starting to like the little buggers, maybe. They no longer freak out when we take the top off of the brooder (ok, one or two still think we're evil chick-eating monsters). For the most part, they just cock their little dinosaur heads up at us and give us the stink eye. They love to peck at my rings, and most are pretty ok with being picked up. A couple of them seem to love it, and nestle down in our hands, loving them some head scratching. One of them is waaay bigger than the others, and has some serious 'tude. If you pick her up, she stretches out her spiky little neck and stares you right in the eye. Their little wings are pretty feathered out, and their leaps have a lot more lift to them as a result. They seem to enjoy ambushing each other, leaping across the brooder to land on another's back. I think I even heard one swear the other day when a leap ended with one of her sisters landing on her head. :)

I just MAY be getting to like these little girls. Maybe.

(Pigs soon... We got another 50' or so of pig fencing up this last weekend, and with a little plywood, the old swingset will make a great pig palace. Soon, soon!)


Paula said...

Everything I've read about people getting chickens is that you do really start to like them. They're also supposed to be a great replacement for television.

Rae said...

Oh, I don't know about that... I'm rather fond of television. :)