Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tractor pics!

Isn't she pretty?!

I got tractor lessons from LJ last night, and while I was a bit nervous, it wasn't too difficult!  Not really that different from driving a forklift, and I've done that for years.  Too much fun!  As far as attachments go we'll have a box blade, a straight blade, and a brushcutter.  Sweet! By the time I got home, LJ had already done a rough clear on our proposed garden area.  There were huge logs (like hip high logs) all over the area, and now it's down to dirt!  Woo hoo!  I'm very much looking forward to everything we'll be able to do with our new girl, and I still have the giggles.


Paula said...

Oh very cool. Make sure you keep her locked up well so the Russians can't get her. I think I told you the guy who delivers my Bear bricks lives out around your way and he told me that there were a rash of heavy equipment thefts perp'd by Russians. Don't know if it true, but I've a good idea how much your new baby set you back.

So I'm guessing the blades are for keeping your driveway tidy, and the brush cutter is pretty self explanatory.

You gonna plow with her?

Rae said...

Trust me, she's locked up tight. We're also one post away from being able to lock the 16' gate that is across our driveway. :) The straight blade is for grading, the box blade for leveling and for spreading gravel, and the brush cutter is, well, a brush cutter. Woohoo! We're planning on getting a tiller attachment eventually. Our property has lots of lumps and bumps, so I think the blades are going to get a lot of use. Annnnnnd... still giggly over our new baby. Heehee!

Miriam said...

I'm just catching up on your tractor news, and I am so impressed. I can't say anything intelligent about brush cutters or blades, but I am VERY admiring of the shiny red colour!

Robin said...

Nice! I feel a little tractor envy coming on. ;)