Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So ugly, they're cute

Well, LJ added to the menagerie yet again. :)

5 turkey poults are in a brooder in the shop. According to LJ, we've got 2 bronze, 1 white, 1 Rio, and 1 Royal Palm. Should be interesting. The chicks and goslings were pretty easy to raise. I've read lots of horror stories about turkeys, though. If all goes well, we'll be eating plenty of turkey this winter. :)


Paula said...

My grandmother told me that they used to have to put the turkey poults in with the chickens to teach them how to eat, and that they'd also have to put marbles in the turkey feed to get them to eat.

But I've also heard that wild turkeys are pretty darn cagey, and that heritage breed turkeys are nearly as cagey as wild turkeys.

So good luck!

Lana at Farm Life Lessons said...

This is all so exciting! It will be very interesting to see how this turns out. I'll be taking notes!

Lindsey said...

I am positively green with envy at your Turkeys. I wish I had enough room for them!
Looking forward to more pics as the ladies grow up and get good and fat!

kpannabecker said...

You're going to LOVE/HATE raising turkeys. They're funny creatures. Much more work (to me) than chickens but much funnier. Good luck with them. Turkeys last year - rabbits this year, I think.

By the way, why are you raising geese? What are your plans for them? Just curious.

Rae said...

Yeah, I'm still on the fence about the turkeys. Way I figure it, they're LJ's turkeys. :)

We got geese to serve as pets, watch dogs, and perhaps for eggs or goslings in the future. They really are a lot of fun to have around, and they keep the lawn nice and short. :)