Friday, May 13, 2011

So glad we decided to get geese!

Our geese have been an adventure, as neither of us have had geese before. They still live in the house at night (we carry them out to their pen in the morning and back in at dusk). They get attention every day, and we sort of treat them like feathery puppies. They're pets. All of our geese are friendly to some degree. Some would rather not be handled much, and some love attention. They don't intentionally bite, and they don't hiss at us. Their "grooming" can get a little out of hand sometimes, like when they pull my sock down enough to groom sensitive ankle skin. :)

Afro (suicide goose) is by far the sweetest. Most evenings, I will go out and visit with the geese in the front yard. I'll take a book and a blanket or towel and stretch out on the grass for some reading time. Within minutes, the geese are chewing on my blanket, my jeans, my shirt sleeves, and trying to chew on my book. I shove them off when they go for the book, and give my best imitation of an outraged goose squawk. They're starting to totally ignore my book (and my beer if I'm drinking one). A short time later, I'll have a goose snuggled down on my lower back, and the rest ranged around my sides. They like scratches behind the base of their neck, and Afro loves having her breast down scratched. She'll lay down right next to my elbow and talk to me in between bites of grass.

I'm so glad we got these geese. They are way more fun than the pigs or chickens, and I'm looking forward to having them around for many years.


Paula said...

That's really cool. I read this one out loud to Steve (partly because he was within earshot).

Rae said...

Did you get a good eye roll from him? (the sort of thing I'd get from LJ, lol)

We still on for tomorrow night? Want us there at 6?

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Sounds like fun! Sounds like it is an awesome experience. Hope you get some pictures of these unforgettable moments.

Lindsey said...

How much do I love the fact one of the Geese is named Afro?!?
That is hysterical.

Rae said...

:) Glad you like it Lindsey. She had a wicked cool afro as a baby, and when the baby fluff on her head was the last thing to go, the name sorta stuck. :)

Robin said...

Goodness, you are seriously making me want some geese. :)