Friday, May 20, 2011

New fruit trees, weekend planning

I have a feeling that my mind will be on the weekend all day today. It was actually sunny and warm yesterday (a miracle), and is supposed to be really nice today (woohoo!). All the mud puddles are gone at the house! We're hoping to borrow a friend's tiller this afternoon and get the garden tilled up on Saturday. The tomatoes, peppers, and cukes need to go in the ground. I've been trying to lay out the garden on paper, with mixed success. I'd like to organize it to take advantage of some companion planting, which is sort of like trying to arrange seating at a large grumpy family dinner... who likes to sit next to whom, and which family members will stir the pot if seated next to each other. Adding to the fun, the garden area we've cleared for this first year is sorta round, a little sloped, part full sun part not. We're hoping to get a better spot prepped next year, as we just didn't get the tractor soon enough to make a difference this year. We need to level some spots, root out some saplings, and move some enormous old logs. Soooo, this year's garden is going to be an experiment. And will probably be arranged all cattywampus. Ah well. I'll just be happy to have something growing that isn't a weed. :)

A local nursery had a sale last weekend, and we went and picked out a mess of bareroot trees. We put in 2 cherries (Rainier and Black Tartarian), a Galaxy peach, 2 japanese plums (Howard's Miracle and Shiro, I think), 2 mountain ash/pear hybrids (Shipova and Baby Shipova) and another apple (can't remember the variety). LJ also got himself an Amber autumn olive, because he thought it looked cool. Apparently, the nursery has extended their sale through this weekend, and LJ wants to go get raspberries, currants, and goodness knows what else. He's a man on a mission.

Gonna be a busy busy weekend. I plan to spend it getting some sun (maybe, if we're lucky), and grubbing in the dirt. Happy Friday all!


Paula said...

I like your analogy on companion planting. I approach it slightly differently. I stuff things in where it will be convenient for me and just hope they all get along!

Have fun tomorrow and make LJ take you to dinner after hustling so hard all day. Ookii, anyone?

Rae said...

Mmmm... Ookii.... I'm going to be craving that all day today now. Lol. Maybe for lunch tomorrow. :)

Boyles Family Farms said...

Jealous of your fruit trees! We've been planning to get some in for, oh, three years now.

Renee's Reality said...

I've also been trying to draw out a map for my garden and do companion planting. We've had some beautiful weather here on the coast and I've been taking advantage of it!! :) Happy Planting!!!