Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyone wants their picture taken

Does this look like a boy to you? Look at that tail!


Looking for ants on the woodpile

"I want to be an ostrich when I grow up..."

"Well, I'm gonna be a giraffe!"


Paula said...

The tail does, yeah, but the lack of comb is not helping. Are you sure it's a roo? I guess it would help to know what his breed is, and then have a book of chicken breeds with pictures.

Well, it's nearly midnight and I am no teenager. I should be in bed.

Have a great weekend! (and don't work too hard!)

Rae said...

Oh, there's a comb. Just a bad angle. His/her comb is bigger than most of the others, including the buffs, which are a few weeks older. This bird is a little under 3 months old. It's supposed to be a Welsummer, and if so, I think only the boys have green tailfeathers. I think. Could be wrong..

Robin said...

I'm rubbish at figuring out the sex of chickens so no help here. I love all the chicken pics though. Cute!

ga.farmwoman said...

The tail does look boyish, and I do think the comb looks like it will grow. But on the other hand..I had one (long time ago) that I thought looked just like a hen and she just would not lay an egg. I would put Henrietta in her nest box and show her the pretty brown eggs the other hens were laying. She would sit for a while calmly looking around. One day as I sat Henrietta down and had high hopes of an egg from her, she crowed. He was Henry after that. My defense though..the other roosters thought she/he was a hen too!
Have a great weekend.

Rae said...

Thanks, Pam, for the comment. And, I love the Henri(etta) story, especially how even the roos were fooled! That's too funny. :)