Friday, May 24, 2013

What's a few more? Hello turkey eggs!!!

We have ENOUGH critters? Huh? What? Nah. Why not add a few more!

After work I picked up a dozen turkey hatching eggs from a gal I found on craigslist. Actually, 14, as she threw in a couple extra. Some are Narragansett/Bourbon cross, but most are pure Narragansett. Planning on sticking half under Smaug and half under Bellina. I really want a turkey pair so that we don't have to buy poults every year. Yeah, a closely related pair isn't the best thing ever, but I want to pick out the best behaved and beautiful babies that have been raised with the chickens and learned their manners accordingly. This is the only way I can figure to do that. No one seems to sell sexed poults, and I don't want to purchase (at $10-15 a pop) a handful of straight run babies to see what I get. Nor do I want mature birds that are more likely to not go to bed at dusk or respect the fence. So, there you have it. Turkey eggs. Wish us luck!

Oh, and the current list of critters?

Around 30 chickens
1 guinea
4 turkey poults (brooder)
3 pheasant chicks (brooder)
6 ducks
2 geese
25 meat chickens (to butcher on Tues)
1 meat goat
1 hair sheep (also meat)
22 duck eggs being incubated (16 under Maggie Muscovy and 6 under Goldie Ameraucana)
And tomorrow there will be 14 turkey eggs between 2 broody chickens

Fun fun!!!!

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Miriam said...

Holy Smoley, that's a lot of animals! What a lot of fun (and hard work of course, but you're used to that!). Keep those pictures coming, please!