Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No home butchering this year

Hubby's schedule has been a bit up in the air, which could make getting the icky chickies butchered a bit of an issue. Especially since we try to schedule help from friends. So, he called our local poultry butcher and managed to get a spot! Ickies go to butcher the day after Memorial Day. I'm actually a little relieved that someone else will be doing it. Yeah, it's cheaper to do it at home and fun having friends over to help, but I was stressing pretty hard over whether everything would come together. This way, no worries and no mess. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

In other farm news, two scovy eggs in the incubator are due to hatch over Memorial Day weekend. Maggie is happily sitting on her big beautiful nest, and the chickens are sharing scovy egg incubation in the coop. Whenever Smaug gets of the nest, Goldie swoops in and steals it. Goldie! My freaking ameraucana is broody. First one we've had go broody of that breed. At least she's not a biter, and she's just big enough to cover those 6 eggs. Fingers crossed!


Paula said...

Oh good! Next time we come down we can just hang!

Rae said...

As fun as it is to drink beer and make the icky chickies go away AND have a liver/heart feast afterwards, it will be nice to not bother with them. Hubby got good days off for the next little while, so you two will need to come out and BBQ with us!