Monday, May 6, 2013

Beefy, the bath-hog gander

It's HIS bath. He's the biggest, so it's his, right? Waves must be made. Water must be sloshed. Pool must be nearly emptied via bath time play before anyone else gets a shot at it.

"Back off mud-demons! You will not soil these waters! MINE!!"


Michelle J said...

Love it!

We sooo need to get a kiddie pool for our pigs. Watching them (all three at once) jostle and push each other to try and squeeze their chunky butts into their water trough is pathetic/hilarious. ;) said...

I can see the "mine" stance! And you have the most fun with your feathered friends! It's encouraging to me because I want to expand beyond chickens one day soon! Girl, we have EIGHT DAYS left before we move to the Rural Country!!! Eek!