Friday, May 10, 2013

Maggie is finally setting!!!

Pretty little Maggie

Maggie, our chocolate Muscovy has FINALLY set! Woohoo! She's rather small, so I decided to keep her down to 16 eggs. Every day, we've pencil-marked new eggs with a big X on one side and the date on the other. She got up to 16 a week ago between her eggs and Frieda's, and every day since, I've been pulling the two oldest eggs and replacing them with the newer eggs. Finally, she accepted that 16 was her lot. Hopefully, a little more than a month from now, we'll have a batch of 'scovy babies. Fingers crossed!!

We're also debating sticking additional 'scovy eggs under Miss Bit€#¥ aka Smaug (LJ read The Hobbit last year and feels this name is quite appropriate) who is very bitey pecky broody and refuses to give it up. Couldn't hurt to try, eh?

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Paula said...

Couldn't hurt to try, indeed.

Hope all goes well!