Saturday, July 6, 2013

Raspberry vinegar?

Maybe, if I'm lucky. Had extra raspberries from a flat we purchased down the road at one of the local berry farms. 4c of berries and 5c of white wine vinegar per my Ball preserving book. Recipe says to stir every couple days, and taste once a week til desired strength is achieved. We'll see how it goes. Only cost me about $8 in vinegar, so no great loss if it doesn't work, right? Right.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th!!


Paula said...

Is this for salad dressing or making raspberry shrub (an old-fashioned, and I do mean old drink)?

D.Hausmann said...

This really sounds good especially for a nice Vinaigrette.

kpannabecker and jpannabecker said...

Let us know how it comes out. I may try this if you think it's worth it. I may even try it if you don't :) It sounds interesting.

buddeshepherd said...

My elderly neighbor used to make raspberry wine. I never tried it but think you should have gone with the wine instead of the vinegar.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

For salad dressing? Or....?

I like trying stuff like this - feels do able and doesn't break the bank to give it a whirl.

I imagine you would strain it before using? Or not?

Rae said...

Paula- Dressing, for marinades/injections for roasts, and I saw a neat recipe for a dip that also includes sour cream and honey. I'll have to look up raspberry shrub... haven't heard of it. :)

KP- I just canned it this afternoon. Will have to crack one open and try it out. VERY raspberry, prior to heating. Was also super easy. If you have the Ball Blue Book, the recipe is in there.

buddeshepherd- I'm sure raspberry wine would be super, but I wasn't up to purchasing that many raspberries. :) We are planning on making blackberry wine, though, since we have just a few around us.

Lindsey- sooooo easy. And yes, strain after they soak for a couple weeks. Let me know if you want the recipe, and I can email it to you. said...

Looks delicious!