Friday, October 18, 2013

New 'scovy hens!

As the weather turns colder, I'll slowly get back into blogging. For now, we added four new young muscovy hens to the farm this afternoon. The two larger girls went out with Merle, Maggie, Frieda, Olga/Sven, Crusty, and the geese. The two younger are going in the chicken yard with the chickens, turkeys, Choco Taco (Chocolate 'scovy drake hatched here this spring), and 4 scovys from a later hatch. I sure do like these ducks!


Paula said...

Why do you particularly like these ducks?

Rae said...

Well... How I love muscovys... Let me count the ways...

Almost completely silent
They wag their tails, which is too cute
They're tasty
Good mommies
Lots of pretty colors
They have really nifty mohawks
They don't purposely make mud like our other ducks
The boys are huge, which is about as good as geese for discouraging owls
They clean up all the food the chickens spill
They are super good at catching bugs

Annnnd... That's all I got right now. :) They're super!

Paula said...

all good reasons! said...

They look like fun!


Karen B. @ Making Shift said...

Awesome! We taking boarding our neighbors' muscovy pair for a few weeks and I love them. They are not interested in the pelleted feed I'm giving them, though. What do you feed yours? Or do they free-range all their food?

Rae said...

Ours eat whatever they can get their mouths around... Lol. Our scovys out with the geese eat layer pellets, wheat, scratch, bread treats, fruit, bugs, melon, squash, etc. Those out with the chickens do the same, and clean up all pelleted feed the chickens spill. My guess is that your babysit scovys are spoiled and picky. :) In my experience with geese and ducks, they'll eat whatever you give them when they get hungry. There are always extra-picky exceptions though, so you want to watch them to make sure they start eating Hopefully, given my comment lag, they've long since started eating whatever you give them. :)

Karen B. @ Making Shift said...

We have permanently adopted that Muscovy pair I updated. Unfortunately, the female took off after a few weeks. I really should have clipped her wings. She was the better flyer of the two because she was smaller. The male is still here and hangs out all day with my chickens or the goats. He seems to like animal company. We are getting ducklings in the spring so he'll have some companions eventually.