Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Jiminy

I adore this goose. It loves to snuggle, and screams to be picked up. I took the two goslings out for a walk on the lawn yesterday, so they could stretch their legs and have a bite of grass and clover. Jiminy didn't want anything to do with Meat Goose (what we call the one that isn't particularly friendly). Jiminy just wanted to run circles around me and eat, every so often looking up at me and chattering away like I could understand. :) Too cute.

Oh, and I checked on Baby last night, and she has 3 goslings. Will try and post pics and more info this weekend. Happy Friday all!!!


lunalupis said...

So durn cute! We have plans in the works to get a male & female pair of ducks, but the goats come first!

Rivenfae said...

AWWW that is a cute baby!

Paula said...

You are convincing me that geese have to be in the livestock roster when we finally get a place.

They say you're not supposed to name animal you plan to slaughter but I think Meat Goose fits just fine!