Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lap goose

The weather is halfway decent, so I brought Jiminy out to eat some grass and stretch his/her legs while I listened to some Diana Gabaldon on my iPod. Yeah, didn't work. Darn goose insisted on being in my lap, and would only eat grass if hand fed... I'm a sucker. This baby seems like a female to me, so I'm gonna start calling Jiminy a she, and we'll see next spring if I do or don't see eggs. :)


Paula said...

Yes you are a sucker. It's funny how you're such a sucker for one animal and soooo not another.

God forbid I ever become your enemy....

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I have never considered geese. Now I am. Damn you. Now I'm considering geese.

But, um, what do you do with them? Eat them? Eat the eggs? Just bask in their awesomeness??

(I'm a sucker, too, dude. We should have tee-shirts made.)

Rae said...

Paula, you crack me up.

Lindsey, lol. Geese are fun. Of our original 4 though, only Affie ended up friendly. Bitor is an ass, and the other two girls are indifferent. I'm trying for an extremely friendly goose with Jiminy. The 3 that Baby hatched, as well as the ones that should be hatching in the incubator here in about 2 weeks are all destined for the freezer. I don't know if Meat Goose will be eaten or sold, as it has decided that it's a friendly goose since I've had Jiminy in with it. Heck, the runner duck is now also friendly. Curses! I just don't think I can eat something that's so much like a feathery dog. Maybe it will turn out mean. If not, Meat Goose will be sold. Baby's goslings won't be friendly, as they don't get any handling, so no problem there. :) The eggs are delicious, though they only lay for a short part of the year. Otherwise, they're better watchdogs than our dogs, serve as pretty pasture pets, keep the lawn mowed, and provide fertilizer. It's a good thing that we don't have more open grass areas, or I'd be overrun with geese... Great. Big. Sucker. :)