Friday, May 11, 2012

Standing guard

Ever vigilant, Bitor makes sure that nobody gets near his goslings.

On another goose note, Affie has been halfheartedly sitting on a beautiful nest she made and the remainder of Baby's eggs. I went in last night and took them all away. Good thing I did! I candled them all, just in case any were late lays and showed development. Yeah, no. Most were sloshy inside, and a couple had some evil streaks. Yeah, they all went carefully into the outside trash before they could explode on me. Lol. They were starting to stink. Ew. Ew ew ew! If Affie wants to be a mommy so badly, and Baby's babies aren't enough for her, perhaps I'll try and get her to accept the incubator babies when (if) they hatch next weekend. Would sure help me not get attached to them! Happy Friday, all!

3 comments: said...

Ahhhh...awesome photo and I hope she gets to be a Mama as well! I'm rooting for her and I'm glad you didn't get egg-bombed!


kpannabecker said...

I actually thought of you 2 nights ago when I was at a movie. I saw War Horse and there was a goose in there that chased people that came to visit. It made me not want a goose even though I think they're cool.

Paula said...

are you sure that's just not LJ in a clown shoe?