Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's piggy time!

Spotted an ad for weaner pigs today for $100 ea (pretty good deal at this time of year) and the pics on the ad look like the same barn we got our pigs from last year. I would love to get this year's weaners from the same guy, as last year's were lively, healthy, and grew out really well. Looks like he has durocs available this year, and if he's still got 4 or 5 this weekend, we may try that breed instead of yorkshires like we had last year. From what I've read, durocs grow fast, exhibit good feed conversion, and the meat shows excellent marbling.

In any case, hoping to get porkers this weekend. Probably gonna do one more year just for ourselves and our friend Jim, and then we'll probably be up for selling pork next year (and one day actually raise our own).

Happy Friday Eve everyone (that's apparently what the morning news is calling Thursday... Friday eve... Love it!)


Carolyn Renee said...

Friday Eve, hugh?

We just got the call from the butcher that our hog is ready for pickup....everything but the bacon & hams though. Can't WAIT for some fresh breakfast sausages!!

Good luck on your pork acquisition!

LindaG said...

Good luck! Can't wait until I can get my own piggys. :-)

kpannabecker said...

Post pictures when you get them. We took our Duroc/hampshire hog to the butcher yesterday. I can't wait to see what the meat looks like. She was 9 months old and maybe about 300 lbs. Just a guess. good luck. said...

I can't wait to follow along with these new piggies. And keep us posted about the goose eggs. Are you going to blow any of the out and use for deorating something? I don't think I could resist.


Rae said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes, everyone! We called the pig dude this morning, and it sounds like he has some durocs left. We've got an appointment to go get piggies tomorrow morning. Rack is on the pickup, feed and straw stacked in the shop, and we're ready to go! Woohoo!