Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chickens, and their first snow

They were NOT impressed.  Usually, when I go out to open the coop on the weekend (sometimes as late as 9am...gasp!) the girls are sooo very ready to get out.  They normally boil out in a mess of feathers, squawking and complaining that I kept them from their scratch.  A few weeks ago, we got snow overnight.  The next morning, as the ladies and their main man yelled from the confines of the coop, I shuffled through the few inches of white fluff to open the coop.  The door went up and was latched, and the gals scrambled for the exit... until they saw the white stuff.  At one point, there was a mass of 8 or 9 chickens jammed in the door to the coop.  WTH is that white stuff?!!!

Dunder railed against the indignity

The ladies were confused... disgusted... intrigued

But the ameraucanas were the ones that finally braved the strange new world... and the first to find the scratch I threw out... silly girls.


LindaG said...

Hehe. Chicken characters. Love them. :)

Miriam said...

Yes, chickens sure are thrown for a loop when confronted by something new...which makes me wonder: are they really smart or really stupid?

Jenn said...

That picture of Dunder and his dismay is HILARIOUS!! You could not have captioned it better. I'm sad that our coop didn't come with us when we moved, not the chooks are in our garage yuking (literally) it up and haven't had a chance to see all this snow we've sudden got - I would love to see their reactions!!

Chai Chai said...

The chickens here hate the cold, the frostbite is terrible on the rooster.