Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goose eggs in our future?

Ya know, I was talking to LJ the other day about goose eggs... The kind that you'd get as a kid, ie a great big knot on your noggin because you cracked your head on something. I haven't gotten one of those since I was a kid, though I've definitely hit my head a number of times as an adult (curtain rod, branches, cupboard door...). Wonder why that is? Do only kids get the spectacular lump that my grandma called a goose egg? One of life's great mysteries, I suppose.

Anyhoo, what I actually wanted to talk about is eggs (the edible kind) from our geese. Bitor the biter started getting his mojo on with the ladies for the first time a couple weeks ago, and has been merciless lately. It's gotten to where the goosey gals don't seem to want to get in their trough for a bath, because that is Bitor's favorite place to ambush them. My Affie girl has been starving (that goose is ALWAYS hungry) and extra affectionate, and Bitor has been extra aggressive, which means that it's about time for a round of giving him attention. Every couple weeks I need to catch the big jerk, hold him in my lap and pet the crap out of him while baby-talking what a pretty pretty boy he is. After a round of "pretty bird", he isn't so keen on coming near me. Usually lasts a couple weeks, and he soooo needs some attention, because he has been trying to bite me through the fence daily. And I swear that goose weighs 30+lbs. He is a BIG boy, and I surely don't need a pissed off gander attempting to goose me when I'm in the pen. Big sneaky jerk. :)

The big fat jerk...

I've been waiting for a sign that we might get eggs soon. The geese are close to a year old, and from what I've read, they lay in the spring. I've also read that the larger breed ganders (Bitor is a Toulouse) aren't particularly fertile in their first year, so we're just looking for eggs this year, not goslings.

My Affie girl

So, as I was out doing the critter rounds this morning before work, I pointed the spotlight in the direction of the goose pen and only counted three geese. Should be four geese. As my heart did a freaky little stutter-jump, I walked over for a closer look. I spotted Affie, Bitor, and Sweet Girl, but no Baby Girl. Wth? All 3 were hunkered down in their fav corner of the pen, under the trees, and jumped up to run over to me in the dark, begging for some grain (Bitor tried to bite me through the fence). No Baby Girl, though. Crap crap crap. With a sinking heart, I started looking for feathers, scanning the pen, until my eyes caught a flicker of movement... In the goose hut, which the geese rarely use, I saw a grey goose tail and a bit of fluffy petticoat peeking over the straw, which was followed by a fat little Baby Girl goose face that lifted up and beep beeped at me. That little rotund rascal was nearly buried in the straw, and was giving me the stink eye for shining a light in her face. I shone the offending light a little better into the hut at the back of the pen, and could see that she has been making a really big nest in there. Stinkin thing is probably 6-8 inches deep. Since I'd already woken her up, Baby got to work on her nest again. Woohoo! Eggs soon?! Needing to get to work, I didn't get to gander long. LJ took a look when he got home from work, but nothing yet.  Hopefully, eggs soon!


LindaG said...

Good luck. Hope all goes well!

Rain said...

Beautiful geese-love these pics! I only have a couple geese eggs from several yrs ago-someone gave them to me and I decorated them-Christmas style-they are nice and thick and wonderful !!

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Very exciting!! And I love your way of dealing with the goose-attitude. I do things similar with my dogs, I call it a "pep-talk." haha Sometimes, they need it too. It's good when they're wise enough to want to avoid another for a long while.


kpannabecker said...

That's exciting. They sure are beautiful animals. I've never thought about getting geese. I don't know why.

C'mon Baby Girl.

Modern Day Redneck said...

Last year we took our geese eggs and put them under a broody hen and let her hatch them out. We tried it with the geese but they kept cracking them.
Mine are just starting to lay this year and I hope to get some more little babies running around.