Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our new goats, the blackberry destroyers!

Alrighty.  We finally have goats to help us tame our blackberry and scotchbroom infested property.  Holy cow, they really mow them down! Background story on the goats... One of LJ's friends had a friend that lost their farm.  LJ's friend took in their goats, 2 does and 3 wethers.  He didn't really need goats, and intended to rehome them when he found a suitable place.  We bought a big property with lots of good goat candy (blackberry bushes) and LJ wanted goats.  Thus, we now have 5 goats.

Here are the new mowers.  They came with names, not all of which we kept.  Doesn't really matter, as they don't know their names anyway.  I'd appreciate any help in identifying the breeds...

This is Snowy.  I think she's 5 yrs old.  Boer cross?

This is Macey.  She's 4, and one of the triplets.

This is Cletus (LJ picked the name, saying he looks like a Cletus with his wonky horn). He is the second of the triplets.

Last of the triplets is this guy.  LJ wants to name him Bubba, but I don't agree.  For now, he's nameless.

Finally, this is Pinto, aka "Old Man", aka "Lyle".  I think Lyle will be the one that sticks.  As long as he's over his urge to escape, he'll get to stay. As far as breed id, Toggenburg?

They're sure having fun in their new pen.  Lots of blackberries, scotch broom, and low hanging tree branches. :)   I'll try to get more pics up as soon as we get some sun.


Paula said...

Wowie- goats! I think that Bubba looks like a Bubba. Or an Elmer. or a Wilfred. He's got such a goofy expression on his face. He looks like a very sweet goat though.

How sad that somebody lost their farm, though.

Paula said...

By the way, is Scotch broom that yellow stuff that's everywhere?

Rae said...

Oooh! I like "Elmer"! I'll have to suggest that to LJ instead of Bubba. Elmer totally fits.

And yes, those pretty yellow flowers everywhere are scotch broom. I really wouldn't mind it if it wasn't so stinkin invasive.

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Rae...this is so exciting! I am finding great joy in reading your blog as you let us know that there is hope in the fight against the blackberry invasion that we also have on our land. We do intend to get goats and I'm sure hoping they can help make a dent in this thorn in our side --- haha. The goats look like fun!! I think farm life can be so entertaining! Who needs tv when you live on a farm?!

kpannabecker said...

I'm glad you got goats to help with your blackberries. They're just the animals to do the job. I think they're all cute. They almost all have a cross of nubian or boer in them. You can tell by the ears. You're right, the first one is definitely a boer cross and the last a toggenburg cross. I think Lyle is beautiful and I love the name too. Ha ha, Lyle Love-it.
Good luck with them.

Rae said...

Lana- glad you're enjoying my random posts. :) And you're right about tv. I rarely watch anymore. Too much going on outside!

KP- thanks for the breed id help! As for Lyle, his name totally suits him. :)

Lindsey said...

I think you should call the nameless one "lefty".
He looks like wise guy who could thump some skulls.

Robin said...

Goats are so cute. I've always shied away from having them though because I saw how much work my sister-in-laws goats were. I suppose milk goats are a little more maintenance though then the average brush eating goat?