Monday, June 13, 2011

Goats, icky chickies, quick update

Goats were delivered yesterday. 5 of them. Not sure what the breeds are, but they were free, and they have already done some serious damage to the blackberries and thistles. Woohoo! 2 does, 3 wethers. Only one wether is polled, and he may need to be rehomed somewhere else this week (today or tomorrow, preferably), as he is the size of a small pony and can clear a nearly 5' fence. The others are fine. The big boy is the only problem goat. I don't want him to teach the others to escape. He jumps the fence, even though he gets the bejeezus shocked out of him. All the others respect the fence. LJ wants to give him a couple days, but I need that goat to go away. Especially with lots of baby fruit trees, blueberries, and my garden at risk. Stressing me out. I really don't like problem animals...

Icky chickies are out in the chicken conestoga. They seem to be enjoying the forage and freedom. Now that they have room to run, they are having baby chicken battles. Pretty entertaining. At least they are getting some exercise. :)

I'll try to get pics up this week. Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Goat BBQ???? B.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness you did the goats!!!! Are you going to breed the does some time to be able to milk them?

I sometimes think about goats but at this juncture I'm just not capable in any way, shape, or form to handle milking twice a day on top of everything else I'm not getting done.

I will be so darn glad when I have all my projects done and I can concentrate on homesteading!

You'll have to 'splain the goats!

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

This is so exciting! Except for the problem-goat. I'd also be freaking out about the level of damage that could be caused so quickly. But, I'm in awe of how they are helping with the blackberry bushes/thorns because we have those so abundantly and fighting them has NOT been pleasant.

The chickies must be so much fun to have around!

Rae said...

B- We might have thought about it for a moment, but he's really too skinny to bother. Lol. -

Paula- LJ has considered raising meat goats, but I don't have the time to deal with dairy goats. Maybe one day.

Lana- These guys are flat out murdering the blackberries. Might be a good option for you.