Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grumpy bird back outside

Working the front desk for a bit so the receptionist can run some employees to the airport, so, a quick update. Grumpy bird is back outside. After several days in the house, loud and stinky, his limp is much better. Not gone, but definitely better. He was very angry about being kept inside, and squawked at me every time I walked by the tub. So, he's back out with the ladies. He's eating and drinking, and even foraging a bit, though I often see him just lying down in the shade. We'll see how he does.

Got lots done this last weekend. Hoping to get a post and some pics up tomorrow with updates on the garden, fruit, icky chickies (the meat chicks are so strange), etc. Almost Friday! Woohoo!


kpannabecker said...

Uh oh, remember what happened to my rooster when I finally put him outside. I hope yours makes a full recovery. It's really hard to keep outside animals inside. I'm always glad when chicks can go outdoors to live. Even the little goat I love so much was hard to keep up with and I got tired of cleaning up poop and pee. Keep us updated.

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Glad you are finished with the "house-guest!" There's nothing quite like an angry house-guest that you're trying to help out! I'm looking forward to more pictures --- and what are Meat Chicks? These strictly for chow down purposes?

Rae said...

KP, yeah, we aren't so fond of the roo that we want to keep him inside for weeks. I don't think we OR he would be very happy about it. His limp is better, and other than the limp, you wouldn't know anything was wrong with him. So, hopefully he'll continue to improve. If the condition worsens, we'll put him down. Hope not.

Lana, yep, just for meat. They're freaks of nature, but LJ wanted to try some this year (feels like we're trying EVERYTHING this year, lol). These 12 2-week old chicks eat more than the 8 turkeys (more than twice as much). They should be ready for the freezer in about a month and a half or so. Freakishly fast growth, to the point that their mass outgrows their bones and they'll apparently keel over dead or with stress deformed bones if not slaughtered early enough. That's what I've read, at least. Icky chickies. We have to keep raising up their feeder and water so they'll actually stand up to eat and drink. No joke.

Paula said...

Hope your roo does better!