Friday, April 22, 2011

Roughing it

The pigs have officially given up the pig hut. They don't need no stinkin pig hut. They're rough and tough farm pigs, as opposed to those namby pamby lazy pigs that live in a barn. Nope, these pigs are wild hogs, rooting through the underbrush, leaping over logs (ok, they don't really leap, but they try) and braving the vicious chipmunks. Brave brave pigs. Good pigs. They've made themselves a nice hollow against a rotten log under the cedars. They stayed relatively dry and cozy through the rain and hailstorms yesterday. Smart pigs. Wild pigs. Not too wild, though, to follow me around or take pear slices from my hand. Piggies looooove pear slices. :)

Happy Friday!


Paula said...

Gotta keep them wanting something from you! I can just see a pink little pig trying to scramble over a log. It's a very comical mental image.

Lindsey said...

The one animal I am looking forward to raising organically and butchering for our household is the pig. Maybe later, when we don't live in a neighborhood (I think my chickens are all my neighbors can handle).
What a great life your pigs have - getting to root around, go wherever they want, be safe (relatively) and get pear treats.
Could be SO much worse, eh?

Heidianne said...

Good thing we don't have wild boars here to lure them away to life of feral adventures and excitement. As long as they are happy and growing that's what counts. Happy little pigs.

Robin J. said...

Hehe. :)

Rain said...

That's a great image-leaping over the logs-I'm going to think of that if I can't sleep tonight-instead of lambs!!