Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally Friday

Ugh. What a week, and today's been no different.

LJ just had a shift change, which means that I have to take care of the pups in the morning, feeding them and putting them out in the kennel. Yeah, sorta forgot, and didn't get up early enough. Henry did NOT want to get out of bed, and did so only after many heaving sighs and dirty looks (the little diva). Got out of the house about 10 minutes behind schedule.

New gal at the coffee shop totally flubbed my drink, which I didn't notice until I got to work. Nonfat. Yuck. And no peppermint either. Peppermint and REAL milk are absolutely necessary to cover the bitterness of a triple shot. I choked it down because I'm out of black tea, and the company I work for cancelled our coffee service a few months ago. Caffeine, gotta quit this. What a way to start a Friday.

The goslings are growing rapidly, and their feathers are coming in at an amazing rate. Belly feathers, shoulders, and just under their wings are in. Tail feathers are getting longer, and they have big fat quills on their wings. Very exciting, as they get to go outside for good once they've got enough feathers. We're very excited about this, as they've gotten huge and have decided that the middle of the night is the BEST time to stage a mock battle. Thus, we've started unplugging their lamp at night. Helps a bit. They still have the occasional battle in the dark, but not as frequently.

The second batch of chicks is finding their way around the run. They've figured out how to come out in the morning to eat and scratch, but haven't yet learned to go to bed at night. So, each evening at dusk, I'm out there counting chickens as I transfer them from the run to the coop. The Golden Girls look on from their coop perches with what seem to be smug expressions. The buffs, of course, had figured out the routine much more quickly.

Piggies actually come running now for food. They are exploring more and more, urged along somewhat by the apple chunks we tossed in the brambles. I swear they've doubled in size in the last couple weeks. Good piggies.

Weekend... I will I will I WILL get my tomatoes started this weekend, maybe.

Need to broadcast more grass seed in the future goose pen.

Hoping for some sunshine on Sunday.

Rain or shine, I'm so very glad the weekend is almost here.

Happy Friday all!


Heidianne said...

Happy Friday to you to! I have a small mountain of woodchip I need to spread this weekend, as it is supposed to get sunny. Iam dubious about that though..
Hope your weekend is extra productive and your coffee full fat.:)

Rae said...

Lol! That sounds a bit like an Irish toast with a Starbucks twist. :) I may have to use that one. I'm thinking I'll be needing half and half in my next coffee, to even things up. :)

Have a fantabulous weekend! Fingers crossed for SUN!

Paula said...

Sorry about your crappy day! Did you know that the milder the roast, the more caffeine is in it? That's a little-known fact.

We're supposed to get some sun tomorrow, too, so here's hoping.

Have a good weekend!

Rae said...

It's all good. I'm stopping for Ookii on the way home. :)

robin said...

They stage mock battles? hahahaaa. Though I suppose I shouldn't laugh. Every time our dogs decide they want to play in the middle of the night somehow makes a sleepy me feel very angry. I don't like things messing with my sleep. :)