Saturday, April 9, 2011

Enjoying the yard. Happy goslings!

Apparently, my leg is the BEST place to cuddle up! We put the goslings outside today in the dog crate. Then, we figured we'd let them out and see if they would follow us around. Ooooh buddy, these babies had fun! They ran after us as fast as they could, and if we sat down, they'd cuddle up or try to crawl in our laps. It was like having a bunch of really devoted feathery puppies. I LOVE these little guys! They had a lot of fun eating grass and chewing on my pant leg. Too much fun!

We also introduced the second batch of chicks to the coop and run, a week earlier than we'd planned. We're very tired of the dust and noise, and wanted to get them out of the house. They're having lots of fun, scratching in the dirt, and the buffs don't seem to be picking on them. Score! We've noticed that the Ameraucanas are VERY loud, and the welsummer looks like a freaking hawk. So, 11 fewer birds in the house. Woohoo!


Paula said...

ohmygoodness how cute is that!

Congratulations on graduating the babies!

robin said...

Oh you are so making me want geese! We went to the farm store today and I got a whiff of that the baby chick smell. lol. It got me all excited as my chicks are coming next week in the mail. After having the chicks inside for several weeks though will be enough to cure me of that.