Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals, not resolutions

I don't like the word "resolution". I'm grandma's stubborn little redhead, and even though they'd be my very own resolutions, some little part of my brain says, "No, I don't think I will... Yeah, I'm pretty sure I won't be told what to do." The word "goals" implies that this is a list of things I'd like to work towards, but the sky won't fall if I don't succeed. So, goals not resolutions.

1. Clean, repair, paint the old house as needed. Get it on the market. Get it sold.
2. Blackberry battling. On the list for years to come.
3. Property line survey so I know where to fence and where I can plant.
4. Fence the yard.
5. Get at least a small garden in this year.
6. Clear a couple wildlife plots and get landowner preference tags.
7. Buy a tractor. Would make everything so much easier.
8. Finish the new house... A list in itself.
9. I need more bookshelves.
10. Put up wood for next season.
11. Compost pile.
12. Regravel driveway.
13. Plant fruit trees, rosemary, and jasmine.
14. Install locking front gate and mailbox.
15. Garage shelving.
16. Seed the lawn.
17. Lose 10 to 15 more lbs. Already did 20!

Annnnnd, that's quite enough to be getting on with. There's much much more, but those are my main goals. The list on our fridge is much more extensive. Longer, and categorized by the month I want to get things done. :) I have a feeling LJ is disgusted with me.


Paula said...

If he is, where's his list?

Good for you losing 20! What are landowner preference tags?

Tractors are expensive! I was looking at used tractors, thinking I'd save some money. Did you know people collect Japanese tractors from the seventies and eighties? Right where you think you could pick one up for a song, they're stinking expensive! Mother Earth News had an article awhile back on things to look for when shopping for a small tractor- that's something else you can look for when you go to the library next time.

And blackberries? I'm tellin' ya- get some goats! Unless pulling them out is part of Goal Number 17, of course.

Rae said...

Landowner preference tags are an option if your land parcel is 40+ acres. You can, if I remember correctly, get 2 "hair" tags, meaning buck or doe to hunt on your own property. I'd have to read up on it again to know the rules exactly. In any case, it is sort of a reward for the landowner creating habitat on their property.

Yeah, tractors are ridiculous. LJ likes mahindras. But they're extra ridiculous, so we'll see about that.

I still hear ya on the goats. We lean a lot more that way every day. Leaning so hard we may just fall over. :) The blackberries definitely did contribute to the weight loss, though! That, installing flooring, painting, and chopping wood. Lol. Who needs a gym!!!

kpannabecker said...

I'm just starting your blog, reading from the beginning backwards so I don't know if you've already gotten goats or not but I agree with Paula, you should get goats to help you with the blackberries. They LOVE them. Blackberries are a good excuse to get goats, though I don't need an excuse. Of course, the goats will destroy your fruit trees too if you give them access.

Rae said...

No goats yet, but we do have a friend that wants to give us 5 rather large goats for free. We've got the fencing all set up, just no access to a trailer yet. So, it is in the works. These 5 mowed down the blackberries at our friend's place. We sure have plenty for them to do here! :)