Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bleh... Need some sun

Nothing fun to write. Just work. No pictures, no Internet. Just my phone. Bleh. Spring really can't arrive soon enough for me. Not enough nice weather right now to get much done! But, as I'm determined to keep track of what I do manage to accomplish...

Finally finished painting the bathroom. So very glad that's done. Was interesting painting the walls over the tub when the ceiling is about 10' high. I've learned to get very creative with the ladder. Safely creative, but creative nonetheless. Just need to install the towel bar and hang a picture and I've got one more room finished!

Spent most of Saturday at the old house, moving and cleaning. So very burned out on the whole process. I did get a lot of stuff priced for the planned sale. It is nearly an estate sale, given the amount of stuff I'm giving up. Mom sent up a bunch of culls from her antique store last time I visited and LJ's mom is going to bring a ton of stuff over too. I think I'm going to need to open up the entire house for this sale!

I hung a suet cake last week, and the birds devoured it in just a few short days. Never figured out which birds, as it all happened while I was at work. I'll have to hang another, but on the weekend this time. That, or set up one of the game cams.

Tried to get some stuff done on Sunday, but the direct tv dude was at the house half the flipping day and I had to keep an eye on him. Horrible service. And I thought comcast was bad. Anyhoo, I consolidated a bunch of the brush piles, so Henry can now run around the yard without poking his eye out. We can also now drive in the back to pick up the rest of the rounds from a couple trees we cut down.

A couple weekends ago, LJ cleared a trail to the south end of the property. Holy cow, it's cool back there. Absolutely lousy with deer sign, and clear of blackberries under the big trees. We've got a lot of water back there, and I saw it moving. I don't think it's runoff, as it didn't have the swampiness we see in a couple other runoff areas. Perhaps a spring? Would be nice. We'll see what it looks like come summer. I did spot a couple good candidates for tree stands. Not even spring yet, and I'm dreaming of fall. :)

To top off the weekend... Still 3 weeks or so before I get my super awesome washer and dryer. We've figured out how to get the current dryer to work without burning down the house. Only problem is that I'm paranoid and insist that it be unplugged after each use. Well. There I am, upside down behind the dryer, plugging it in, when I slip and the ittiest bittiest little edge of my finger barley brushed one of the prongs on the plug. Holy crap. Felt like someone socked me in the gut. Numbed my arm to the shoulder. The joints in my arm ached for hours. I'm done. No more tempting fate. If LJ wants to used that accursed dryer, he's welcome to it. I'll stick with drying my clothes in front of the woodstove, thank you very much.

Already looking towards the weekend, and praying for sunshine!


Paula said...

Wow! Glad you didn't fry yourself!! Where the hell did you buy your washer and dryer?! Three weeks is ridiculous, if you ask me. There are so many places that will deliver the next day! I just reread that paragraph and I'm thinking again that you were really lucky! Dryer circuits pack a lot of juice, but I guess you don't need to be told that now!!

I'm serious about meeting at One Green World this spring, although I'm thinking late winter- I need to re-look up a good time for setting out strawberries. Let me ask you this: if you had only one bed where you could stick only one kind of strawberry, would you 1) plant June bearing, and make a s'load of jam and not have anymore strawberries the rest of the summer, or 2) plant everbearing, so you could have fresh strawberries all summer, but maybe get enough together at one time for making only a jar or two of jam at any given time. I'm conflicted.

Rae said...

I know, huh, on the dryer circuit. Packs a punch. What is that, 220v? Youch!

We bought them at home depot, but apparently the models we wanted were backordered. We decided we could wait. Home depot has a pretty good delivery schedule in my experience, so I don't think they were pulling our legs.

Late winter works for me for one green world. We'll have to set a date in February, then, as spring starts in March, right? As for strawberries... Hmmm. It would depend on what I wanted out of the strawberries. If I didn't really care about jam, then everbearing so I could snack in the garden. If you've got cherry tomatoes and peas though, they could fill the snacking fix. Myself, I'd pick June bearing. Get it all done at once. If you need a strawberry fix in the summer, the Milwaukie farmer's market has several people that sell them. You could also try some of a different variety in strawberry pots. I've never tried them, but they're supposed to work pretty well and look pretty at the same time. That way you could have a little of both!

Paula said...

Good idea on the strawberries...I have a few alpines- I'll just add a few everbearing.

We probably ought to try to time OGW for a Saturday when they're doing something fun. And I need to figure out how we can contact each without blabbing email addresses....lemme look and I'll get back to you.

Rae said...

Pretty sure there's an email link on my profile. It's an email I created specifically for this blog, so I'm not worried about it.