Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Antiquing, I miss you

Wow. Just realized that it's been months since I've done any serious buying. I used to collect and resell for fun. More collecting than selling sometimes. Oh, I still frequent my favorite thrift store, and stop at an occasional sale, but no hardcore buying since we started looking at properties last summer. Then, once we got our new place, all my time and energy went there. I haven't had a no-holds-barred, sunup to sundown, antiques and collectible glut in ages! I'm actually sort of proud of myself. I definitely need less stuff, not more.

I did drag LJ to the local architectural salvage a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to go out with a purpose if I do head out shopping. Shopping for something specific instead of for whatever strikes my fancy... interesting concept. What I want right now is a set of andirons, preferably arts & crafts style. We have a woodstove, not a fireplace, but I want them to hold the wood we bring in the house. They'll need to have a fairly long shank, as I will need to put a rack across them to stack the wood on. The salvage place had quite a few sets. The only problem is that their prices are fairly outrageous. LJ would say, "they're really proud of their stuff". Exactly. No way I'm paying $300+ for damaged or hideous andirons. Ugh. They had less expensive sets, but still far too expensive for what they were. So, for now, I'm watching craigslist like a hawk.

As for less stuff, not more. This move has been a serious downsizing opportunity. Almost all of the Danish modern is going bye bye. Goodbye dansk, blenko, enamel, and west german pottery. At least most of it. Feels pretty good! I can't give up my book obsession, but I'm holding out against buying other things, for now. I sure miss it, but there's too much to do at the house. I'll be good. :)


Paula said...

Oh I so know what you mean!!

The last time I hit a thrift store was when I was looking for a fondue pot, which I blogged about. The time before that, I was looking for a lamp, which I didn't find. I found a barley twist candle stick and made a lamp from it (which I also posted).

You know I'm working on my Room of Pending Stuff. But I've also decided to go after my books- i have a ton that I no longer like. And you know what happens when you get rid of books?

You have room for more!

Rae said...

Exactly! When I was a kid, and we went clothes shopping, I only got to buy as many shirts/pants/etc as I was willing to get rid of. 2 new shirts, 2 old shirts go to goodwill. As far as I'm concerned, same concept works here! :)

Miriam said...

Hi Rae! I stopped by to thank you for your visit to Mucky Boots, and I'm glad I did. I think it's always so interesting when people embark on an adventure and do it thoughtfully - and tell the rest of us all about it! [And you should listen to everything Paula says - she's an invaluable source of great tips and advice!]

Paula said...

Aw shucks, Miriam!

Rae said...

Blush away, Paula. I agree! (Thus we may, just may, get some goats... Lol)