Monday, April 29, 2013

Our FREE duck

Went to a local poultry swap this weekend, just to look around. We happened by the booth run by the folks that own our favorite local feed store, and there was a big dog crate under the table. I peeked in, out of curiosity, and there was a sign that said "free duck" and a lovely Muscovy hen inside. Free duck? Heck yeah!

The gal that owned her had made arrangements for a new home, but the person she'd arranged to meet never showed. Lucky us!

Isn't she pretty! Her feathers are in excellent condition, and I think this duck was well-loved. She doesn't really want to be caught, but sits quietly when held. Look at the lovely green and purple sheen of her feathers. 

Merle immediately recognized her as "his kind" AND that it was a "she". He was already waddling our way as we entered the pen, and (so not exaggerating) he "claimed" the new girl less than 5 seconds after I put her on the ground. Poor gal didn't get as much as an introduction before Merle decided she was his new girlfriend! We found it fascinating that Merle knew immediately that this new duck was his kind and a girl (he isn't the slightest bit interested in either Crusty-runner or Olga-blue swedish). 

Other than a little harassment from Maggie, the new addition was quickly welcomed to the flock. We named her FriedaK. Pronounced "freeduck"... Frieda for short. :)

The trio... I guess 'scovys really do flock together. They don't really mix much with the other birds.


DFW said...

She's pretty. Merle's quick!

Misty Meadows said...

Beautiful!! These are the ducks I want!

Miriam said...

Best duck name ever!

Rae said...

Thanks guys. And Miriam, I agree. I dig it. Makes me chuckle every time I think about it. Lol. said...

Your timing was perfect! But, it seems Merle set the record! Funny story. Maybe you'll get some ducklings??? I'll be waiting to hear!!


Karen B. @ Making Shift said...

She's beautiful! I'd love to have some Muscovies but my kids are totally weirded out by their face bumps. I think they are pretty, though.