Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A pile o' meaties

- this year's Cornish X chicks- 

They're so darn cute... For like the first week. The pic was taken just after they were brought home and installed in their brooder. They pretty quickly piled up and went to sleep under the lamp. An hour or so later though, they were exploring their new home and kicking bedding into their water *sigh*.  As they approach the two-week mark this weekend, they're getting decidedly less cute. Another 10-14 days, and these little balls of fluff will go out into the chicken tractors. They'll be in the tractors til Memorial Day weekend, at which point we'll have our annual butcher party.

I'm a tuly attempting to keep track this year of how much they cost us to raise. We'll see if I can manage to keep up with keeping records!

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Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

My meats are arriving in a week and a half! They are only cute for a little bit and then the voraciousness of living takes over and they just...grow. A lot.

Plucking these types of birds is ever so much easier than doing Red Ranger of egg/meat hens. So that butcher day, I find, goes really quick. Reason itself to go with this breed.