Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOTH ducks are laying! Yay!

Both Crusty AND Olga are laying now. They both gave us an egg yesterday and today. Good girls!

These eggs are weird! Very smooth/polished, compared to chicken eggs. Also, unlike the chickens who just drop an egg in the nest box, our ducky gals make a little nest in the straw and lay their eggs in the same spot. Haven't tried them yet, but planning on it this weekend before heading out to our tree stands.


DFW said...


Those are beautiful. I recently read that real French pastries are almost always made w/Duck eggs and that makes them so rich.

Rae said...

Thanks for the comment DFW! I'm really stoked about the duck eggs. They've given us an egg each for the last three days. Good girls! Can't wait to try them!

Paula said...

Make some pasta with one- most incredibly yellow pasta you ever saw.

or yeah, you could bake a cake. A yellow cake. said...

Do they lay on a regular basis as chickens lay?