Sunday, April 15, 2012

Only the one fluffy baby so far

How cute is this little guy/gal?!

As for the others... One of the babies died late in the shell. It was turned the wrong way. 2nd hatched baby (hatched last night) passed this morning... Was pretty weak. Still have one working on unzipping its shell, so perhaps I'll be 2/4? We'll see. From what I've been reading on the goose section of the backyardchickens forum, this isn't exactly unheard of, and goose hatching is difficult. More than a little disheartening, but the one baby I do have is absolutely precious.


LindaG said...

Is there any way you can help the last one out of its shell? I imagine that is farm life though, right?

And yes, your duckling is very much the cutie. :o)

Misty Meadows said...

Aww...I always hated when the chicks died in the shell or shortly there after. I hope the other little one makes it out his shell.

But your little gosling is so adorable!!! What breed is he Rae?

Rae said...

Unfortunately, helping hurts the gosling more often than not. It's out now, though, so fingers crossed that it survives. It was a little preemie.

It's either a Toulouse, or Toulouse/African cross. Won't be able to tell til it gets a little older.

dr momi said...

A perfect gosling portrait :-) Hope the preemie makes it!

Robin said...

CUTE!!! Too bad the other two didn't make it. said...

Too Adorable!!!! Love those flappy feet!