Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pekins have a new name

I have come up with a name for the Pekins. Given that they seem to us to be the duck equivalent of Cornish X chickens (which we named "the icky chickies"), the Pekins are now... Wait for it... The Yucky Duckies! These birds are seriously gross, and grow freakishly fast. The pic above is one of them last weekend, at about the 2-week mark. Crazy!

Grow nice and big you stinky little buggers. :)


LindaG said...

I've been reading lately that the ducks are very messy, dirty birds, haha.
I think your name for them bears that out. ;o)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Chai Chai said...

They sure do look big for being so young. I have to laugh because I confuse your ID photo with Ohio Farm Girls!

Rae said...

Yup. Filthy. :) You have a great weekend as well!

Rae said...

Oops! I didn't even notice the picture thing! I just got tired of the turkeys and picked a new one. :) I'll have to change that! And I wasn't joking about these birds being the duck equivalent of Cornish x. They seem to grow just as quickly.