Friday, March 9, 2012

Missing chickens

Miss Blue and one of the marans have failed to go to bed in the coop for two nights now. Today was the second morning that Blue came running up to LJ when he went out to open the coop. The maran didn't turn up with her this morning, but could be heard cackling the egg song out in the woods somewhere. Our two marans are notorious egg-hiders (remember the recent stump pic, and last year's nest hidden under the ferns?). If we don't find her, and a predator doesn't pick her off, perhaps she'll turn up with a batch of maran/welsummer fluff balls. Who knows. We'll do a search tomorrow. Hopefully she's well hidden from predators, but not so well hidden that we won't be able to spot her. Wish us luck!


Miriam said...

Oh, chickens and the little games they play! Hide 'n seek seems to be their specialty... Good luck!

LindaG said...

I hope you get a bunch of fluffy butt chicks!
Have a good weekend!