Monday, February 10, 2014

GO Abby! First goose egg of the season!

Just had to post, as this is my only real record of when things happen.  Saw Abby in the A-frame hut for the first time yesterday.  Today, I discovered her first egg!  Now, if I can just witness Beefy getting his business underway, and the weather warms up so eggs don't freeze, I'll let her start building a clutch.  Gotta remember to email the gal I got her from and share the good news.  Apparently Abby hatched a batch last year, so we'll see how it goes.  If nothing is fertile this year, we may need to add another gander to the flock... and what that means for Beefy?  I dunno.  Anyhoo, goose eggs leave me feeling that spring weather and longer days aren't far off.  :)


Paula said...

Congratulations, if that's at all appropriate for a goose egg.

Even with all the unusual snow all over the ground and it being so bone-deep chilly, I positively heard a bird-song today that sounded like spring.

The Milk Maid said...

I hope you and the egg are right and spring will be soon.