Friday, March 1, 2013

Hubby's weakness strikes again. Chicks!

LJ's weakness for cute little baby critters, and the simple fact that I didn't say no (though truthfully, I like em too!), and we have new chicks.

Instead of allowing the gals to set this spring, we're replacing culls, given away, and sold hens with new stock. Still gonna end up with fewer birds, which is the end goal, after all.

The little lady in the pic is, if I remember correctly, a blue laced red wyandotte. Also have two more marans (for the darker egg colors), two jersey giants (because LJ wanted them) and two egyptian fayoumi chicks (because they're tiny and weird, and thus hubby couldn't resist). Reading about fayoumis, I found this quote on Wikipedia... "...if left to their own devices on a free range basis they can fend for themselves in a nearly feral manner." Great. That could be good, or very bad. *sigh* So, once again, there are chickens in my bathtub. 

Upside of buying instead of letting the ladies hatch eggs... We know what we're getting, we don't have to feed useless roosters until they're up to some sort of butcher weight, and hand raising will get us new hens that aren't completely feral like the several of ones hatched last year. No joke, last year's gals are INSANE. If we have to catch them (because they're out AGAIN), they scream bloody murder and a couple of them BITE! Not pecking... I'm talking bite and twist. Stupid birds. 

Anyhoo, it's kinda nice to have babies in the house again. Feels like spring. :)


Miriam said...

I agree, there's nothing like a batch of chicks chirping away in the bathroom to make me feel like spring!

Paula said...

Please, pul-lease do not give me chickens that bite!!!

we're pouring concrete this weekend.

Paula said...

oh yeah!! congratulations on the babies. said...

This never gets old. I guess it's the way God intended it. The babies have to be so darn cute so we keep being drawn to do it all over again.

Also, I never thought about having feral chickens and the difference in their behavior from my backyard variety that were hand-raised. Mine are so calm and friendly. Love my hens, great laying hens as well. Big brown eggs every day.

I can't wait to get more chicks, but not until we move. Which might be soon! Keep posting about your babies...they TRULY DO grow up so fast!


katlupe said...

Chicks mean spring, don't they? Everyone loves those little fluff balls of yellow around my house too.

Cat said...

Well, chicks are the goal for me, but between Husband and the man who sold us some birds, I now have 10 or so adults, so I will have to cull later, as I would really like to have them lay some eggs, thereby getting said chicks. But I will enjoy the chicks pix on your site... :)


Rae said...

Yes, folks, they sure do mean spring! :)

Paula, I'll do my best to not give you vicious birds. Unless you want nothing but old hens, though, a couple are going to be a little wild. :) I'm sure they'll calm under confinement, as opposed to their current hop the fence run around the entire property tempting coyotes currently feral natures. lmao.

Lana, part of your super sweet chickens are that they're Buffs. Hands down, sweetest chickens out there. Also great moms, if you get out to the property and get a rooster! I can't wait til you guys hatch out some of your own babies.

Cat, in that case, I'll try and get more chick pics on here for you. :)

John Gray said...

So sorry about your geese... Just catching up with your news
So sorry